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Hair Salon
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First Impressions Hair Studios
102C, 4804 50 Street T46 1C2, Innisfail
First Impressions is a full service salon providing services to men, women and children.
Clubs and Organizations
Business Profile
Innisfail Chamber Of Commerce
5202 - 50th Street , Innisfail
The Innisfail Chamber is dedicated to enhancing and assisting small buisnesses in the Innisfail and surrounding area.
Innisfail Chamber of Commerce
Innisfail Chamber of Commerce Billboard 
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Do you have services that you wish your customers were more aware of?  Every business has unique services and we want to promote that uniqueness.  A business profile can hilite those services and give them definition.   

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A new brand module to promote brands carried by local businesses.   New Brands, Featured Brands and of course who carries them in our Community.  Promote your business with a Business Profile on InnisfailLive.   Ask about it today.

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Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan - Canada's #1 benefits plan for small firms can provide your business with a comprehensive and competitive health, dental, and disability program customized to meet the needs of your employees! Regardless of the size of your firm we can find a plan that's right for you! Visit our website today to find out why Chambers Plan is Canada's #1 health care benefit plans plan for small businesses and the self-employed!

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